All students are supposed to visit social welfare office or any place where social welfare service provided, while at the place let them ask for the at least five (5) social service provide and how are they provided. Ask for at least five (5) challenges that the employees in that office are encounting, ask the employees of any possible place to address that challenges if any; then all each indicate the lesson learn from the field.


I would to express my special thanks to my teacher Dr. Johnas Buhori who provided me the work and those who support to finish my work Mr James Peter professional of social work and those friends who were been together in conducting my work Mr SalumKangungu and Mr Jacob Nelson. Generally according to my work I have observed a lot of things such as service provided, challenge faced social welfare services and also according to my work I plan the ways of avoiding challenge facing social welfare. I’m real thanks to them. 

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Social welfare, according to Friend Lander (1976), is organized system of social services and substitutions, designed to aid individuals and groups to attain satisfying standard of life and health, and personal and social relationship that permit them to develop their full capacities and to promote their well-being in harmony with the needs at their families and the community. Example of areas in which the social services are found like hospital, education, police station, the social welfare it focused to address the problems faced the society. In which the people need for counselling in order to address their problems faced them. Also social welfare is the provision of minimal level of wellbeing, and social support for citizens without current means to support basic needs sometimes referred to as public aid. In most developed countries, welfare is largely provided by the government from tax income and to a leaser extent by charities, informal social group, religion groups and later governmental organizations. The welfare state expended on this concept to include services such as universal health care and unemployment balance.

According to my research, my work have been divided into five aspects such:- first ask for social services provided, second how are the services provided to the beneficence, third the challenges that the employee in the office are encounting, fourthly the possible plan in place to address the challenges, five what have you learn generally the future social welfare citizen, according to my research I have visited police station called Mabibo External and I go direct to ask them for social service provided at that station as show bellows:-



Gender equality maintenance in Tanzania society still have same people who totally believed in gender superiority so in that society welfare office with their good at implementing equality they much help who are unequally treated because of their gender especially women, since there have been equal treatment in both men and won in all aspects at life.

Employment training and youth development in implementing national policy at youth also much consideration at this social welfare just to provide some employment strategic personally, also many people are trained in different employment activating such agricultural training in which the professional at social worker are trained the youth about on how the youth can the chance in Agriculture activities.

Health service aid, this the services provided in health centre like hospital, the social welfare also is provided in health services in which many of people have been provided in different organization, such as in police station, education and in health centre. All ofthis social welfare has been provided such health service to each at the people who need health counselling.

Police research, among the employment as function at social work office is doing short and long research when necessary, this because in the societies there is persistence of some secret problem which take along at time to be solved that why police station under department of social work some difficult problem that required to long time since need to look concerned problem and looking how differ scholar applied some theory in solving such problem again.

Education services, this is the services provided in social welfare like in police station education and health centre, the issue of education have been provide to the youth about their life because many of youth are not aware or have no direction oflife. So through the presence of that social welfare the professional of social worker tries much to educate youth about their life and their future life.



How as the service provide to the Beneficial’s. In my work also I observed about how the social services are provided to the client as shown bellow:-

Through counselling individual, family, group and organization, also social service are provided through counselling to  the problem faced individuals, family and groups such as family conflict, like divorce which nowday, as a big problem faced the society and theways to address that problems. So due to the presence of social welfare like police station the officer have use their experience to counselling the faced of  that problem like provide them ways  to handle their family such as to avoid family, conflict and make sure the existence of peace in that family.

Helping people who are struggling with some aspects of life, these are the people who have no direction of life or future life so due to the presence many social welfare like police station, health service, the welfare tries to helping that people about how they can do inorder to achieve better life through working hard in engaging in different activities like agriculture fishing activities so it through the presence at these social welfare, it contribute much to make those people who have no direction at life to have direction and future life.

Through cooperation with others organization such as court, these are organization who work together with other cooperation in order to achieve the goals with other organization. This also have been provided by social welfare like health centre, police station and education, these organization are worked together inorder to make sure that all problems faced the individuals, family and groups have the ways to address to each of the organizations so that the majority can go to any social welfare and to get better service.

Through redressing social injustices, this also have been provided to any social welfare found in the society in which the professional social worker tries much to redress a lot ofproblems faced the majority such as family problem, discrimination in which nowdays have been a strong problems in our societies. So through that the citizen tries to show on how that problem can be solved through maintaining the peace in family.



The challenges that the employees in the office are encounting, according to my research done at Mabibo external apart from  to ask them about the services providing but also I  tries to ask them about the challenges faced when they serviced the majority as showing below:-

Low wages, this is among the challenge faced the professional of social worker in different organization such as health centre, education and police station they work hard as their professional of social workers but they received low wages  compared to what they do every day. This makes them to work without their willingness from their soul, so in order to make them to have willingness to work the government should increase wages to them.

Poor working condition, refer to the condition which is not suitable to work to any people, this also have been faced many of station or social welfare in our society. Its few of them have at least good working condition which can cause the professional of social worker to work with their willingness from the heart. Example, in police station found at villages they have poor working condition which make the provision of services to be poor to office and make them to migrate to urban in which there is at least good working condition.

Long working how, this also faced many of social welfare in which the officer they work in many hours which make them to be tired for long time, example in police station the professional of social worker they work from morning to night, so this have make them toloose some experience at working, so inorder to make them to work hard the government should be reduce the time of working to any social welfare station such as police station, health centre and education.

White colour crime, refer to the situation of violating of law according to being in high position, this also the challenge faced many  social welfare like police station education and health centre many of leaders they violate the law, due to being in high position. Example, in police station there professional of social workers who are in high position they tries to violate the rule ofthat office. So the government should make sure each one should respect the law become no one is above the law.

Lack of passion for the job, this also the challenge faced many of social welfare in any society because there some people didn’thave the love of their work because they have no passion of their work, its due to the poverty who make them to be in such kind of work. So inorder to avoid it the government should train any people who want to be someone.



The possible plan in place to address the challenges, apart from the challenges faced the social welfare but also I cooperate with them to the possible plan in place to address the challenges faced at Mabibo external police station as showing below:-

Provide so many salaries, this is the situation of increase the salary to the employee according to their effort done to their work, this can make the employee to work with their effort due to the receiving the better salaries. So the government of Tanzania should make sure they increase the salaries to all professional of social workers in order to make them work without any forces from the leaders or government.

Increasing and making conduciveof the environment, this means the improvement of working condition to any social welfare, example in police station, education and health centre especially in villages in which many of social welfare have been faced with poor working condition its only in urban in which there is at least good working condition which can make the professional or social worker to work with her or his efforts.

Provided the basic education to the beneficences, also the provision of education can be the best ways of addressing the challenges faced social welfare, the education should be provided in each of social welfare such as education, health centre and police station about on how to provided the services need and the ways to make the faced problem such as long working hours.

Clear implementation of national constitution, this also can be the best way to address the challenges faced many of social welfare each of social welfare should respect the nation constitution which state that no one is above the law this can make the white colour crime to be in the normal situation rather than violation of the law according to their position, this will make any social welfare to be in a good condition.

Provided many workers as much as possible, this is happened due to the shortage of labourin many of social welfare which make each social welfare to have long working hours so the government supposed to employee many labours in order to reduce long working hours in each social welfare example in police station there is much shortage of labour even in health centre have been experienced with shortage of labours.




What have you learnt generally as the future social welfare officer in our field was showing what have learnt as the future social welfare officer in my field I learn main of things as follows:-

Education is a first means for society to grasp, in each of social welfare education should be provided because some of people are not aware of the problems faced the social welfares such as social injustice and discrimination, so through provision of education it can make the people to be aware about that problems and its way to address that problems faced each of social welfare.

There is need of having so many social welfare offices per all human organization plongness of many case especially in Mabiboexternal police station in which there is a few, social welfare offices which make them to work in long working hours. So, the government should be increase social welfare office in order to avoid long working hours to each of social welfare.

Any social workers is supposed to be empathetic means to feel sarrow or pity about, someone and putting in his or her in conducting this field the challenges which social workers encounter they meet with the different people that why when empathetic is exactly maintained will make case to be well solved and guided that is to say where social worker lack this skills of being empathetic.

Social mobility is important notes towards implementation of social work service, there should be chain between social worker and other office’s and also social workers among themselves since in case managing when cooperation is less will make such case to take long time.


Generally, I wouldlike to say that social welfare is important agent for social wellbeing. A major concern on any my field was in Mabibo external police station but social welfare is found in any human organization, these including hospital courts school prison and orphanage camp. These are all needed social worker to be included on driving their service schools moreover in some organization like college; there are no social workers almost all schools and colleges so it is time for government now to employ social workers in all human or organization.



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