Why human resource is the most important assert of any organization, specifically in Educational Organization? Taking one country as a point of focus and use at least fifteen references which do not exceed ten years back.


  1. Introduction

  • Meaning of resources
  • Meaning of Human Resource

  1. Main body

  • Importance of Human Resource in organization relating to education

  1. Conclusion

  • Scholars conclusion
  • My recommendation

Oxford English dictionary (2018), defined resources as the stock or money supply materials, staff and other asset that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively, example of resources are human resources, physical resources, time resources and money resources but the main important resource is human resource.

Tracey (2016), define human resources as the people that operate an organization or refers to the organizational function that deal with the people and issues related to people such as compensation and benefits.

Nguyen (2015:3), human resources is the combination of skills, knowledge and capacities under the control of an organization in the form of direct labour relations and expression of the capacities in the form of behaviour of staff in compliance with objectives of the organization.

Riordan, T. (2017), Human resources areconcerned with all aspects of how people are employed and non-aged in organization.

Osibanjo and Adeniji (2012), define human resources has been argued to be a replacement of the term personnel management in organization.

Hence human resources in general refer to the organization function that deals with the people and issues related to people such as compensation and benefits.

In context of education human resource can be defined as well people who involve in the certain educational institution like in schools, colleges and university, example of those people that involve in educational institution are students, head of the institution, teachers, lectures, non-worker staff, dean of students and so many.

Human resource considered as important resource in any organization than other resources like money, physical and time resources, by using Tanzania as examples, the following are the reasons which prove the statement.

Human resources responsible in providing training in any organization, human being as human resources considered to be very important in organization like in education institution where by those training concerning about the organization handled by human resources, forexample human resources prepare skills training materials like articles, books, coordinates training efforts, conducts or arranges for off-job training and so many (Haslinda, 2009).

Hence when human resource responsible in providing training to the employee’s enable the employees to be perfected and effectively in the specific position which result improve the development of an organization for example in education when all employees receive important training help to provide quality education to the students.

Human resource ensure sustainable use of resources, example furniture, books and building, this show that human resources is most important asset in any organization, where by in any organization human resources relying or put much emphasis on the proper use of resources either by establish strong laws and rules toward to the uses of that resources. For example in organization various laws and rules enacted by the management to be followed and obeyed by employees, this help to control the destruction of properties like house, buckets, cars, motorcycle and other to this enhance sustainable use of resource also promote the development in certain education institution because when the resources used properly nowdays also the coming generation may use it, hence reduce the cost of buying other resources and the money that could use in buying other resources now used to other issues for achievement.

Human resource take initiative and provide guidance, support and service on all matters relating to the organization employees, essentially the human resources functions is in delivery business providing the advice and services that enable organization to get things done through people (Francis and Keegan, 2010). Human resources ensure there is permanent provision of services to the employees in any organization, for example water, health, safety and security these encourage employees to put much effort in their work and hence development of an organization in education services and advices are provided to the employees like lecture and non-workers staff this encourage  them to increase efforts to their areas of specialization and hence certain educational institution develop.

Human resources act as the supervisor of any organization or perform management activities in an organization, Human resources in the issue of management has two characteristics features, first that line manager accept more responsibility for ensuring the alignment of competitive strategy and human resources policies and the second has the mission of setting policies that govern how human resources activities are developed and implemented in ways that make them more mutually reinforcing. Human resources systems and organization structure should be managed in a way that congrcient with organization strategy (Fombrum, 2017).

Human resource management is the strategic, intergrated and coherent approach to the employment, development and wellbeing of people working in organization (Armstrong 2016:7). Also human resources management is the process through which management builds the workforce and tries to create the human performances that the organization needs (Boxall and Purcell, 2016:7). In education context human resource also is the supervisor of that organization or the system of management established by human resources where by in management various issues found in an organization controlled by means of management for example in education there is ministry of education, education institution, head of the college or school and their members.these system of management control or supervise all issues related to educations.

Human resource ensures that human resources strategies, policies and practiced are introduced and maintained which enhance the employment relationship. In any organization human resources responsible in introducing various strategies, policies and practices for the development of organization which enhance the employment relationship means how employees and employers work together and get on with one another (Francis & Keegan 2006-2016). In education context human resources also ensure strategies, policies and practices introduced so as to improve the relationship between the employees like lectures and non-worker staff with employers, this relationship encourages good cooperation in conducting various activities. For example the relationship between lectures as employees and the university that is employers or between lectures and master time table enable them to know their specific time to be involve in different activities like production of lectures.

Human resources improve organizational capacity, the capacity of the organization to perform effectively and thus reach its goals. The growing number of specialist using the human resources title are well qualified, are more likely to be involved in strategic decision making process and are most likely to be found in work place within which sophisticated methods and techniques have been adopted (Hoque and Noon, 2001). In education human resource improve the capability of institution like colleges or schools where by the institution perform various activities effectively so as to reach their goals for example lectures they try to put much effort in delivery well lectures to the learners for the better best of their academic performance.

Generally, Gareth (2009:291), defined organizational is the process by which organization more from their present state to some desired future state to increase their effectiveness, organization change in response to many development taking place in the internal and external environment such as technology policies, laws customer task, fashion and choice that influence people. Altitude and behaviour, this development influence different aspect of human resource management and in response organization have to change (Josephat, 2011)

Recommendation, for any organization no matter how big or small there is always room for improvement in human resources so as to ensure organization goals and objects are successfully. Not only that but also human resources in any organization must be related to other resource like money, physical and time resources so as to ensure there is no any problem facing certain organization.


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