Professionalism and Ethics in Education

University of Dar es Salaam
School of Education

EF 303:

Questions for Timed Essay Test to be done on May 19, 2019
(a) Define the concepts of ethics and morals
(b) What do you consider to be the major factors that inform individuals morality?
(c) How can schools in Tanzania form and promote learners morality?
Illustrate the features of Indigenous Moral Education (IME). What lessons could the present school system learn from IME?
Describe the following concepts of moral philosophy:
Virtue ethics
Post-conventional morality
What are the qualifications of a profession enterprise? Using Shapira-Lishichinsky (2009) justify the argument that the teaching profession is a unique profession
Discuss arguments in support for the ethical nature of the teaching profession
Show the relevance of the concepts of vocationalism and professionalism in the preparation of teachers.

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