PowerBall winner comes forward to collect R32 million prize


A Pretoria man in his 30s has come forward to collect over R32 million after winning the PowerBall jackpot from draw number 1376 which took place on 31 January 2023. The unnamed latest PowerBall multi-millionaire has been working as an administrator since 2008.

Having only started playing the National Lottery games five years ago, he was always hopeful that he would one day win the jackpot.

“I played the PowerBall via the quick-pick selection at Checkers in Randburg,” – said the winner.

As reported by The South African website at the time, the lucky player won a whopping R32 713 559.10. The five PowerBall numbers drawn were (in numerical order): 12, 14, 17, 29, 50 and the Powerball number itself was 20.

When asked why he didn’t come through immediately to claim his winnings, he said: “Although I always play, I never check my tickets, and at the moment I still have a lot of tickets that I haven’t checked or validated as yet.”

“There have been instances where some of my tickets eventually expired after a year. However with this particular winning ticket, it was part of a batch that I decided to go and validate at a Sasol garage this past Sunday,” – he added.

The winner has no big plans to splash out on his winnings. However, he does want to settle his home loan and will continue working.

“I am used to having money and managing it therefore, my lifestyle will not really change, although I may do something special for my family, I am in no rush to start spending as I am quite comfortable already,” – he said.

As a family oriented man, he spends most weekends indoors watching TV and spending time with his children.

Source: thesouthafrican.com

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