The ad networks are increasing day by day and that makes us so confused as we are unable to decide which ad network is better for us or which is not. 
But we are here with another one of the best ad network popads.net. In this post we will see a complete popads.net review and also see can we use Popads.net as an AdSense alternative? We will also compare Popads.net vs Google AdSense in this post. 
We are using PopAds for a long time and we know everything about Popads.net. Everyone wants to earn through their website but for that, you have to go with the best and trusted ad network. We will also discuss how much money you can make with Popads.net?
Let's start with PopAds introduction...
Popads.Net Review: Overview, pros, and cons
popades.net review, best adsense alternative

Popads.net has become one of the best and trusted ad networks for a long time. If you just started you probably depend on these ad networks to earn money. 
There are plenty of ad networks that exist on the internet and I use most of them but every time something was missing. I also tried other pop ads/pop under ads sites but I found popads ad network is one of the best popads networks.
Google AdSense is the most popular website monetization platform and there are many of reasons why I don't want to use Adsense but want to try other platforms. 
Using any ad network may make you a victim of fraud so don't try anything. Popads.net is a premium ad network that is high-paying and also trusted. 
Every website monetization platform does not give approval to your website until your site has some traffic and if you are a beginner and in the learning stage, so that may be hard for you. Here Popads traffic requirement is none. 
Here you need to remember one thing that traffic is ey in popads.net earning. You need to create a website that drives massive traffic like downloading websites, entertainment, free stuff giveaway, and more type of website. 
What is Popads.net?
what is popads.net, adsense alternative review

Popads.net is an ad network that allows publishers to monetize their websites and advertisers to promote their business. 
Popads.net offered various ad formats like Popad, popunder ad, tab up, and tab under ads. Popads.net mainly specialized in Popunderads. 
There are also some other advantage that popads.net offers which makes it more trusted and best. 
Popads.net Overview-
Popads.net website -  
Popads.net launch date - 2010
Popads minimum payout - 5$
Popads models - CPM, CPV
Minimum Traffic - None
Popads.net payout method - Paypal, Alterpay, and Wire Transfer
Popads.net Traffic Requirements - None
Payment request - Daily
Pros and Cons of Popads.net-
Pros of Popads.net - 

Popads is a premium ad network that specialized in Pop under ads.
Pop.net traffic requirements are none. If you just started you can even apply for popads.net and start earning money from your website. 
Its minimum payout is 5$. You can quickly earn money and withdrew it. 
You can monetize every website on Popads.net. You can monetize downloading, adult, and other category websites using popads.net.
Registration on Popads.net is a simple task. You can sign up and add your site to monetize it. 
Its dashboard is user-friendly. 
They approve every kind of website and there some less network which do that. 
You can earn more from Popads.net by joining their affiliate program. They provide 10% of referral commission. 

Cons of Popads.net-

If you want to earn more then your website needs traffic. More traffic means more money. 
Popads are annoying it may take away your users because nobody wants to see that popads. 

Popads.Net Ad formats 
Popads.net offers following ad types - 

Popunder Ads
Popup Ads
Tab-under ads
Tab up ads
Floating banner ads
Push notifications

How to get started with Popads.net?
Starting with Popads.net is an easy task and straightforward process. 
Just Go to Popads.net, and create an account by clicking on Sign up.

create account on popads.net, popads.net sign up,

On popads.net click on sign up and fill in the details. Remember in account type choose a publisher if you want to earn money from popads.net. 

earn monet with popads.net, get started with popads.net

Verify then you will reach on the main dashboard which looks like following. 

earn money with popads.net, popads.net affiliate, popads dashboard, popads.net traffic requirement

How to monetize a website with popads.net?
Once you reach their dashboard click on add website from the publisher's panel. 

popads add website, monetize your website with popads.net

Enter some info like your site URL, site name, and description. 

popads.net earn money, popads.net adcode, popads.net ad types, popads.net adformats

Select a category and remember to choose the right category otherwise they may reject it. 

popads.net categories

Select ad types you want to use on that website, and click on add website. 

How to add websites on popads,net, popads review process

They will check your website and choose a category then they will give approval.
After getting approval just paste the code in your website between header tags. On WordPress and blogger both you can paste code in header tags. 
How to set up or add popads.net code to blogger?
In blogger first login and select the blog which you want to monetize. 

Click on Theme and click on arrow beside the customize option. 

how to setup popads.net on blogger

Click on Edit HTML and paste code between <head></head? tags. 

how to use popads.net on blogger

Done, You can easily use popads.net on blogger.
Google AdSense vs Popads.net: Which is better
Well, there is no competition between them. As I said popads.net is all about traffic as it mainly works on the CPM model. 
You need a lot of traffic to earn with popads.net. Popads.net is best for websites that drive major traffic like downloading sites and other niches that mostly ad networks not supporting. 
But we can compare them by some guidelines and factors which are following-
Approval time - 
Google Adsense takes a lot of time to approve your website.
Popads.net just check and gives approval to your website no matter which content you are working on. 
Minimum Payout - 
Google AdSense minimum payout is 100$. It is the higher stack and if you are a beginner then reaching that position might be hard for you. 
The minimum payout of popas.net is just 5$. You can redeem them daily basis. 
Content supported - 
Google AdSense supported high-quality content and if you violet their guidelines then they will ban you. 
Popads.net monetizes every content whether it is adult or any other category. 
When to use Popads.net - 

If you have a content downloading website or any other illegal website. 
You are a beginner. 
If AdSense doesn't give approval to your website. 
If Adsense banned your site. 
Your site has massive traffic. 

When not to use popads.net - 

If your site has high-quality content then go for other best website monetization platform
If your website has a userbase then using popads.net may affect your userbase. 

Now let's come up to main questions- 
Is popads.net is good? 
Well yes, it depends on different factors like your traffic and traffic locations.
Yes, it is a good ad network and also one of the highly used ad networks right now. It has a large user base and a lot of publishers have started using popads for their websites. 

Is popads.net a good AdSense alternative?
Yes, it can be and it depends on the purpose you are using for. If you have high-quality content then you can fo with any ad network. 
You can earn more with popads if you have a website which attracts more users like entertainment, content downloading, and other adult content then popads.net can skyrocket your earning. 
Is Popads.net good for advertisers?
Yes popads.net is also a good option who wants to promote their businesses. As there are large amount of publishers are using popads then it might be great opportunity for promoters. 
Popads minimum deposit is 10$ via Paypal, Alterpay, and no limit for Wire transfer. 
Can Popads.net can be used for content downloading websites?
Yes, Popads.net can be used for content downloading websites, and you can earn uncertain revenue with your websites as these types of sites drives major traffic.
How to earn more with Popads.net?
To earn more with popads.net there is only one thing required - Traffic. Traffic is main to earn more and more with popads.net. 
So that's why if you have a website with attract more users then popads can be moneymaking machine for you. 
In another way, you can join their affiliate program. You can invite people and in change you get 10% of their earning commission. 

FAQ's related to popads.net-
Is popads.net scam?
No, popads.net is not a scam. It is a completely legal and trusted ad network that is growing and used by a large user base. 
Can I use Popads with Google AdSense on the same website?
No, I have tested it before it doesn't work. Google's faq shows that 3 pads per page is ok but that is Google so I don't recommend it. 
How much popads.net pays per 1000 impressions?
Popads.net pays an average of 3$ per 1000 impressions. If your traffic coming from targeted country like US then you can earn 5$ per 1000 impression with popads.net. 
Can I monetize movie downloading website with Popads.net?
Yes you can monetize your movie downloading website  with popads.net. You can earn more and more with movie downloading website. With them you can use Short URLs and PPD sites to earn more with popads.net.
Does popads.net have an affiliate program?
Yes, popads.net has its affiliate program. You will get 10% of earnings from your referral. 
Conclusion - 
popads.net is one of the best popad network and used by a large amount of publishers. 

If your site drives a large amount of traffic then you can earn more with popads.net. Popads.net approves every type of website like movie downloading, content downloading, and adult website.

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