PropellerAds Review : Is propellerads best Adsense alternative?

Currently, there are many ad networks available and there might be confusing for you what to use, and which ad network is better for websites. There is one ad network called propellerads which is becoming popular nowadays.

For many years if someone wants to monetize their website, the first name was Google Adsense, But right now there are lots of best Google Adsense alternatives are available so in this post, we will see is propeller ads good Adsense alternative?

Propellerads is one of the popular ad networks which you can use to monetize your website or blog. In this post, we will do a complete propellerads review, and also tell you is propellerads good or not?

In this post, we will also compare propellerads vs Google AdSense which will help you to decide which is better propellerads or Google Adsense, and also you will know how propellerads is better than Google Adsense.

Propellerads review - overview, pros, and cons

Propellerads overview-
First of all, let's see in-depth about propellerads.

What is propellerads? Propellerads is adnetwork company that allows publishers to monetize their websites, and advertisers to promote their business. 

Propellerads untie advertisers and publishers and work as a medium between them. Propellerads is a growing adtech company which rapidly growing day by day, and becoming popular. 

Propellerads info-

Propellerads founded in 2011.
It works on CPM, CPL, CPI, CPA, and CPC Models.
Propellerads has 1B+ audience coverage
Prpellerads haas 32k active advertisers. 
Propellerads payment methods- Propellerads pays through  Paypal, Payoneer, WebMoney, ePayments, Skrill, and Wire Transfer.
Propellerads Minimum Payout threshold- 5$
Report - Propellerads updates statistics in Real-time
Website -

Propellerads key features- 

Propellerads is improving day by day and it also provides lots of features that attract publishers towards them. 

  • Let's talk about some propellerads features which are the following-
  • It works globally. You can use propellerads with worldwide perspectives.
  • Propellerads are so clean and neat. 
  • Propellerads can be used with Google adsense on the website.
  • They have advance AdBlock bypass which can help you to generate more revenue. Propellerads bypass aads blocking software. 
  • You can earn by the affiliate with propellerads.
  • Their minimum payout is low so you can redeem with a short period of time. 
  • Propellerads supports different payout methods you can use according to you. Even they support Paypal and Payoneer which are quite popular nowadays.

What are the propellerads ad formats types? provides a rich format of ads. You can use any of them on your site and generate revenue. You can earn more money with propeellerads by using their various ad formats. 
The ad formats supported by propellerads are-

Push notifications ads
Propeller's push notification is really helpful to maintain CTR. It is completely compatible with other ad formats. 

Popunder(Onclick) ads
Popunderads becomes popular in the last few years. Popunder comes with the main page and if user creates anywhere then popunder ads pop in a new browser tab. 

Banner ads
Banner ads are so popular and highly used. Banner ads allow you to create banners that you can set up on your website. 

Interstitial ads
Interstitial ads are also largely used. The interstitial ad comes on the whole web page. Interstitial ads can pop up anytime. 

Direct link ads
The direct link is another propeller ad that is becoming popular. Direct links are also known as smart links. 
By using direct link publishers can customize ad type which they want to use to send traffic. You can create banners, text, and buttons to put that link to generate revenue. Isn't that an easy way to generate revenue?

Multi tag ads
There is a question in everyone's mind that does propellerads provides multitag ads method? Yes, Propellerads provide Multi tag ad format also. 
What is Multitag in propeller ads? Multitag optimized for all ad formats. Multitag is the best-balanced way to earn more money from propellerads. - Pros and Cons

Propellerads pros-

  • It provides various ad formats
  • Prpellersads minimum payout is just 5$
  • Real-time update in Dashboard and statistics
  • On Propellerads No minimum traffic required
  • Propellerads uses Adblocker bypass so if anyone is using adblocker your earning will not be affected. 
  • Propeller's payout method includes various ways including most general payout methods such as Paypal and Payoneer.
  • They provide weekly payouts.
  • They have over 32k+ advertisers and 150k+ publishers so it is becoming popular now. 
  • Easy website approval

Cons of propellerads-

  • If your website is not in English then you will earn less money with propellerads. 
  • The CPM and earning also decided by your website's design and some other factors. 

How to get started with propellerads
So How to make money with propellerads? This is an easy and straightforward method. You just need to follow the following steps to start making money with propellerads ad network.
Just go to and create an account. 

Select your account type if you want to monetize your traffic then continue as a publisher

Activate the account then login to your account

Now you will be on your dashboard. 

Click on sites on your dashboard and then click on add site

Add your website domain

Then verify your domain to start to make money with propellerads. 

How to verify propellerads in blogger/blogspot

Verifying in blogger is also easy as other platforms. 

Copy the verification code. 

Go to your blogger, login, and select the blog which you want to monetize

Go to blogger dashboard, Click on Theme, and then click the arrow beside customize. 

Click on Edit HTML, and you will reach to your blog code.

Search head tag then paste your code between <head> and </head> tag. 

Done you can use propellerads in blogger. 
If you have questions like can I monetize Blogspot domain in Propellerads? Yes, you can monetize Blogspot domain also in blogger ads. 

Google AdSense vs : Which is better
Google Adsense is the largest used and it dominates the website monetization. Google Adsense is google's product which makes it the most trusted ad network. Google Adsense used by over three million users but it also has some problems that we will discuss, and also what problem I have faced I will also list that out. 
On the other hand propeller ads is a new and growing ad network. Propellerads becoming popular day by day and it seamlessly growing. 
Now the main question is which is better propellerads or Google adsense? Well, the answer is it depends on which perspectives you are looking for. They both have their advantages and disadvantages let's talk about that. 

Let's compare them with different perspectives-

Approval time
Well, Google AdSense has a long review process then it gives approval to you. Before payment, they also send you a pin and other verification processes and if you did a mistake you can loss all of your earning. 
On the other hand propellerads review process is just like a playing cards. You can immediately take approval to your site by placing codes. 

Minimum Payout
Google AdSense's minimum payout is 100$ If you are a beginner then reaching there will take time. They pay 21st every month. 
The minimum payout of propeller ads is 5$. They pay every week. 

In this perspective, Google adsense is a winner as it has over 3million userbases. Google adsense trusted widely so it is more popular. 
Propellerads has a lower userbase than Google Adsense. Propellerads is a growing ad network. 

Google adsense vs : Which pays more

There is no specific answer to this question. 
Your earning can be varied because of different reasons which are listed below-

Earning depends on:

  • The traffic location
  • Traffic quality
  • Ad type
  • Placement of ads on your site

The earning, CPM, and CPC can be varied and depends on different factors so there is no specific answer. 

Categories and rich languages
Google AdSense is popular and works for all categories. You can monetize your website with every language and your earning will not be affected. 
Propellerads is a new player so there are fewer categories in propellerads. In terms of languages, propellerads is behind. If your blog is not in English then your earning will be affected. 

Now the main question,

Is propelleads is good alternative to Google adsense?
The answer is Yes, Propellerads is one of the best Adsense alternatives. There are some reasons which stick it to behind but it is growing. 

FAQ's related to Propellerads-

Is propellerads good?
Yes, propellerads is good ad network, and it is becoming popular day by day. There are different factors which make it one of the best ad network.

Is safe?
Yes, propellerads is safe. It is also easy to use. You just need to add the website domain, verify it, and done. 

How to make money with propellerads?
As I discussed in this post, You just need to sign up on, enter the website, and after doing propellerads site verification you can start making money by placing ads. 

How much pays for 1000 views?
It depends as CPM varies with different factors. 
Propeller's minimum CPM is 0.01$ and it is lowest and it can increase, you can even get 999$ and even more. 
Payment for 1000 views depends on the placement of ads on your blog, visitor's location, traffic quality, and the number of clicks on your ad. 

How much does PropellerAds pay per click?
The propellerads click revenue can be varied with different ads and different locations. 
Propeller's minimum CPC is 0.005$ and it's minimum CPM is 0.01$ and it is minimum so it can increase. 
In my case, it was 0.01$ to 1.12$ till now. 

Can I use Propellerads with AdSense?
Yes, you can use Propellerads with Google Adsense on the same website. By doing this you can earn more money. 

What are PropellerAds publisher requirements?
If your website has low traffic, you can apply for monetization. You just need to verify your website but for earning you want visitors to view your ads and click them. 

This is all in PropellerAds review. This was a detailed propellerads review, so you can decide to use propellerads or not. You can check whether propellerads is good for you or not. 

We also compared PropellerAds to Google AdSense and discussed so many points. Propellerads and AdSense both have different advantages and disadvantages which we discussed in this post. So in the end, PropellerAds is a good ad network, and it is also one of the best AdSense alternatives. 

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