Betting On Women For The Win In The Gaming Industry

Although women have faced many challenges associated with gender discrimination in the workplace, I believe online gaming – an industry largely dominated by males – has been a leader in creating equity over the years, in more ways than one. However, even given this, there is still great opportunity for better female representation in the industry.

I recently sat on an inspiring panel focusing on the hidden talent of women in the African gaming industry at the latest Big Africa Summit, and from this discussion, it is safe to say there is certainly evidence that women are shaking up the online gaming industry. Being so agile and flexible in Africa, the opportunities available for women in the industry remain endless.


I began my 15-year stint in online gambling as an entry level digital marketer. When I started my career in online gambling back in 2007, there were not many females in the industry. A woman, who was then an executive in the company where I started my gaming career, recognized my talent and enthusiasm. I was fortunate to have received mentorship and training from her which set the tone for my movement within this industry.


Nobody comes off the boat and has a degree in online gaming. It takes years of learning, mentorship and moving between various roles before one can find their passion and niche.


I do not believe there is any role in this industry that is gender specific. Women can fill absolutely any position available in online gambling organisations, as long as they qualify as the right person for the job. Therefore, as senior management, male or female, we need to be active agents of change by adopting the mindset of hiring and promoting the right person for the job, and not the right man or woman. This will be a huge step towards gender equity in our fast paced and ever-growing industry and set a great example for other industries who may be battling to adopt a way forward

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