Before one ventures into gaming business, it is always safe to seek clarifications of various 

matters in that regard by visiting the offices of the Gaming Board of Tanzania (GBT) for 

appropriate guidance. The following basic information may guide you accordingly, however 

it is strongly advised to read and understand the statutory requirements involving licensing as 

provided in the Gaming Act, Cap. 40 and the Gaming Regulations, 2003. They can be 

accessed through our website

1.1. Section 7 (2) of the Gaming Act, Cap. 40 mandates the GBT to oversee, monitor and 

regulate the conduct of gaming activities in Tanzania; as such anyone wishing to engage 

in any gaming business must obtain gaming licence issued under the provisions of the 


1.2. It is unlawful under the Act, Section 77 (1) (i) to conduct any gaming operation without 

a valid licence.

1.3. This information is intended to guide those wishing to engage in gaming operations

with exception of promotional lottery and other miscellaneous gaming operations.

1.4. Licences will only be granted to suitable persons with proven probity standing. All 

applicants shall be subjected to background investigations and vetting processes 

including sources of funds to be used in the business.


2.1. Regulation 3 of the Gaming Regulations, 2003 provides for the general qualifications in 

respect of issuance of gaming licence. No person shall be issued with a gaming licence 

unless that person:

2.1.1. has never been denied a gaming licence by the GBT or any other jurisdiction

2.1.2. has never had a gaming licence suspended or revoked here in Tanzania or other 


2.1.3. has never withdrawn an application for any gaming licence anywhere for 

whatever reasons;

2.1.4. possesses a gaming premises that are deemed suitable by GBT; (It is strongly 

advised that applicants should first identify the premises and seek clarification 

from GBT as some of the premises may not be suitable for gaming purposes. 

Kindly make reference to Reg. 19 of the Gaming Regulations, 2003)

2.1.5. complies with all the provisions of the Act and the Gaming Regulations, 2003;

2.1.6. has not been convicted of any criminal offence involving fraud or dishonesty; 


2.1.7. has proof of adequate financing available to pay all obligations and to provide 

for adequate working capital to finance the gaming operations

2.2. Applicants will be subjected to background investigations and vetting processes 

including sources of funds to be used in the business. Kindly refer Reg. 7 of the 

Gaming Regulations, 2003. It is expected that applicants will provide the necessary 

cooperation to enable GBT to examine the application appropriately.

2.3. GBT will require the following basic documents necessary for processing of the 


2.3.1. Two copies of Business Plan/Feasibility Study. It is expected the study should 

contain the following: Clear statement of project objectives; Applicants’ profile; Details of investment costs and how the proposed investment will be 

financed; name the specific sources of funds and their contacts; terms 

and conditions of the loans if applicable; Sources of technology if applicable and gaming equipment; Projected financial and economic analysis; the financial analysis 

including projected Annual Balance Sheets and Income Statements for 

the first four years; Market study ; Expected employment generation; Proposed implementation schedule, and Any other information that will useful for the determination of the 


2.3.2. Dully filled application forms and application fee paid.

2.3.3. Dully filled Personal Declaration Form for each director.

2.3.4. A copy of the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, in case no 

company has been formed, submit a copy of proposed Memorandum of 

Association and Articles of Association.

2.3.5. A certified copy of the Certificate of company incorporation.

2.3.6. Evidence of sufficient finance capital available for the implementation of the 


2.3.7. Proof of citizenship of every incorporator/subscriber, and every director and 

senior officer. This includes detailed Curricula Vitae, photocopy of the first five 

pages of a passport, a passport size photograph and historical background.

2.3.8. Audited Balance Sheets and Income Statement of every 

incorporator/subscriber and every director and senior officer.

2.3.9. Tax Clearance from the Income Tax office of a country of origin of the 

applicant and every director and senior officer.

2.3.10. Statement from two persons (not relatives) vouching for the good moral 

character and financial responsibility of the incorporators/subscribers and the 

proposed directors and senior officers.

2.3.11. Company Board of Directors’ resolution to invest in Tanzania.


3.1. Minimum Investment Capital for a Local Company shall be USD 300,000.00. For 

purposes of this requirement, Local Company means a company incorporated in 

Tanzania and whose majority shareholder(s) are/ is a citizen(s) of Tanzania.

3.2. Minimum Investment Capital for a Foreign Company shall be USD 500,000.00. For 

purposes of this requirement, Foreign Company means a company incorporated 

outside Tanzania or a company incorporated in Tanzania but whose majority 

shareholder(s) is/are not citizens of Tanzania.

Applicants are required to test and obtain certification for their devices, management 
systems and game software that they will deploy in their gaming activities. These devices, 
systems and games should be tested against applicable standards. The following Testing 
Laboratories are hereby designated and shall be recognised as approved gaming testing 
4.1. Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)
4.2. BMM
4.3. Any other lab that is of the same caliber and stature, however, shall require prior 
approval from GBT
For further information, kindly contact:
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